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Boîte à outils Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball's all in one tool kit is perfect for cleaning, maintaining and keeping your instrument in perfect playing condition. Change strings, set intonation, adjust the action, check string height and more. Tool kit includes Microfiber Polish Cloth, Wonder Wipes, Heavy Duty String Cutter, Peg Winder, 6-in-1 Screwdriver, Ruler, and durable Hex Wrench Set.

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Chiffon et cire

La formule de polissage brevetée d'Ernie Ball est exempte d'huile et ne laisse pas de résidu pulvérulent sur votre instrument. Vaporiser sur le chiffon et essuyer dans un mouvement circulaire pour une brillance sans stries. Sûr sur la plupart des bois et finitions. Contient du silicone. Livré avec un chiffon de polissage de 14 x 14 po en microfibre gris avec rebords cousus. Lavable.

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Cire à guitare

Ernie Ball's proprietary polish formula is oil free and won't leave a powdery residue on your instrument. Spray on the cloth and wipe off in a circular motion for a streak free shine. Safe on most woods and finishes. Contains silicone.

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12" x 12" Ultra-Plush Microfiber Polish Cloth

The Ultra-Plush Microfiber Cloth is the ultimate cleaning cloth specially formulated with soft ultra-plush fibers that give safe, gentle and effective cleaning for your most prized and delicate instruments. The Ernie Ball Plush Microfiber Cloth has over 400,000 microfibers per square inch providing twice the amount of leading competitors to quickly remove dust, dirt, grease and grime without harming the delicate finish. This cloth can be used with or without cleaning solution. Cloth dimensions 12" x 12"

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Chiffon à polir

Chiffon à polir 14 x 14 de microfibre. Lavable.

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Paquet de Lingettes Multi-pack

Wonder Wipes Combo 6-pack of individually sealed instrument care wipes. Each box includes 1 pack of Fretboard Conditioner, 2 packs of Instrument Polish, and 3 packs of String Cleaner.

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Paquet de 6 Lingettes pour cordes

Individually sealed 6-pack of Wonder Wipe String cleaning moist towelettes. Clean & extend the life of your strings in one easy swipe. Ernie Ball's proprietary lubricating formula eliminates acid, dirt, and grime while maximizing the life and tone of your strings.

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Paquet de 6 Lingettes pour manche de guitare

Individually sealed 6-pack of Wonder Wipes Fretboard Conditioner towelettes. Nourish your neck in minutes, A unique blend of orange, jojoba and linseed oils eliminate dirt and grime off your fretboard in one easy swipe!

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Paquet de 6 Lingettes pour instruments

Individually sealed 6-pack of Wonder Wipe Instrument polish towelettes. Brilliant Shine and protection In one easy swipe. This chemically engineered formula eliminates unwanted haze and streak marks while preserving your instrument's original appeal.

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